Margaret Scott is an American journalist who writes about Indonesia and is an adjunct professor at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. (2015)

The Indonesian Massacre: What Did the US Know?

Indonesian soldiers near the burning wreckage of a vehicle, following the assassination of six army generals, Jakarta, October 1965

US President Barack Obama and Indonesia President Joko Widodo share a personal connection to one of the worst massacres anywhere since World War II, the carefully orchestrated mass killings that brought a US-backed dictatorship to power. Now, declassified CIA documents are raising new questions about US involvement in those events.

Indonesia Reborn?

In the days after Suharto’s downfall this May, a huge construction pit in the middle of Jakarta, abandoned and filled with mud, was transformed into a remarkable, and illegal, amphitheater. A ragtag group of artists and activists decided they couldn’t resist the symbolism of the pit—the very image of boom …


V.S. Naipaul’s most recent visit with Imaduddin took place well before Indonesia’s economic collapse in December. What has happened to him and his patron Habibie now? On a recent Sunday morning, I visited Imaduddin in his study. “I haven’t been well,” he said when I arrived. Thin and walking slowly, …