Norman Gall

  • Carnival in Caracas

    November 15, 1973

    The Politics of the Barrios of Venezuela by Talton F. Ray

    Conflict and Political Change in Venezuela by Daniel H. Levine

    Political Mobilization of the Venezuelan Peasant by John Duncan Powell

    ¿Socialismo para Venezuela? by Teodoro Petkoff

    Petroleo y Dependencia by Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonzo

  • Santo Domingo: The Politics of Terror

    July 22, 1971

    Intervention and Negotiation: The United States and the Dominican Revolution by Jerome Slater, with a Foreword by Hans J. Morgenthau

    Barrios in Arms: Revolution in Santo Domingo by José A. Moreno

  • Slaughter in Guatemala

    May 20, 1971

    Crucifixion by Power: Essays on Guatemalan National Social Structure, 1944-1966 by Richard Newbold Adams