Paul Auster is the author of ten novels, most recently The Book of Illusions. He lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn, NY.


Story of a Scream

The Book of Questions

by Edmond Jabès, translated by Rosmarie Waldrop
During the past few years, no French poet has received more serious critical attention and praise than Edmond Jabès. Maurice Blanchot, Jacques Derrida, Jean Starobinski, and others have written extensively and enthusiastically about his work, and as time goes on the list continues to grow. Beginning with the first volume …

Man of Pain

Selected Poems of Giuseppe Ungaretti

translated and edited by Allen Mandelbaum
From his earliest important poems, written in the trenches of World War I, to the last poems of his old age, Ungaretti’s work is a long record of confrontations with death. Cryptic in utterance, narrow in range, built on an imagery that is drawn exclusively from the natural world, and …

Sartre at Seventy: An Interview

Michel Contat: For the past year there has been much concern over the rumors that have been circulating about the state of your health. You will be seventy years old this month. Tell us, Sartre, how are you feeling? Jean-Paul Sartre: It is difficult to say that I am feeling …