Steven Englund is the author of, among other books, Napoleon: A Political Life. (March 2016)


Napoleon: The Unsolved Enigma

‘The Coronation of Napoleon’; detail of a painting by Jacques-Louis David, 1806–1807

Napoleon: A Life

by Andrew Roberts

Napoleon: Soldier of Destiny

by Michael Broers
Andrew Roberts recounts yet another tale about Napoleon. A month after Waterloo, the British prime minister, Lord Liverpool, wrote to his foreign secretary, Lord Castlereagh, in Vienna, to suggest that St. Helena was suitably distant and isolated as a place of exile for “General Bonaparte,” such that “all intrigue would …

The French Disease

Politics, Power, and Bureaucracy in France: The Administrative Elite

by Ezra N. Suleiman
Lenin used to say that there were four major bulwarks against revolutionary change in Europe: the English House of Lords, the Prussian General Staff, the Roman Catholic Church, and the French Academy. But at the time of his death in 1924, Lenin had already glimpsed under his nose what proved …