A Celebration of Harold Pinter

In his New York stage debut, the English actor Julian Sands draws a portrait of the Nobel Prize winning playwright Harold Pinter (who died in 2008). The show, which runs roughly ninety minutes, is a narrative monologue interspersed with readings of Pinter’s poetry and prose, as well as selections from the memoir of his widow, Lady Antonia Fraser.

This is an unexpectedly quiet and self-effacing role for an actor like Sands, who, in films like Room With a View, Warlock, and Boxing Helena, projected a kind of menacing, magnetic physical appeal.

Directed here by the actor John Malkovich, Sands is captivating and engaging. He reveals an intimate side of the most important playwright of the second half of the twentieth century, and honors him with a grace, a warmth, a moving kindness, a sense of humor and also a precision that is surely an act of love.

‘A Celebration of Harold Pinter’ runs through November 30. For more information, please visit irishrep.org.

Category: Theater
Irish Repertory Theatre
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