A conversation with Mark Ford and Jamie McKendrick.

In his new anthology Mark Ford, poet and Professor of English at UCL, has assembled a history of London told through the poetry it has inspired – from
Chaucer to Eliot, John Donne to Daljit Nagra, Blake to Sinclair. As he writes in his preface, ‘the poetry of London reflects all strata of the culture of
London, and an anthology such as this might be said to replicate the way so many different types of Londoner find themselves crammed into the same tube
carriage, so to speak – that is, forced to share the contested spaces and resources of the city’. Mark Ford will be in conversation with poet and
translator Jamie McKendrick, and we’ll hear a selection of London poems new and old.

The talk begins at 7 PM. Tickets £7.00 (£5.00 for subscribers).

London Review Bookshop
14 Bury Place,
London, England