‘Dead Man’

A western set in the 1870s and filled with creepy period details, Jim Jarmusch’s most uncompromising feature equally suggests an imaginary, post-apocalyptic 1970s, the wilderness populated by degenerate hippies and acid-ripped loners, along with Johnny Depp. Panned when it opened in 1995, it is generally regarded as his masterpiece. Also on the bill is the 1999 Ghost Dog, a more crowd-pleasing exercise in genre revisionism and fathomless cool—an impeccably shot, sensationally scored deadpan parody starring Forrest Whitaker as a samurai hitman.

Dead Man will be shown at 7:30 PM and Ghost Dog at 9:50 PM, on both April 24 and April 25. Tickets to the double bill can be purchased at the box office or online.

Category: Film
The New Beverly Cinema
7165 West Beverly Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA