Einstein on the Beach

This fall, for the first time in twenty years, BAM will revive Robert Wilson and Philip Glass’s opera, Einstein on the Beach. An abstract, non-narrative production ostensibly based on the life of Albert Einstein, the opera’s American premier at the Metropolitan Opera in 1976 established both Wilson and Glass as artists of international renown (its exorbitant staging costs, coupled with fees for renting the Met, also plunged them into penury). The opera runs nearly five hours without an intermission (though audience members are encouraged to come and go as they please), and its text is largely limited to numbers and solf├Ęge syllables sung by a chamber choir. Some of Wilson’s pop-culture references may now seem dated (the Patty Hearst trial, for instance), but Glass’ slowly modulating, incantatory music remains as much of a draw as it was almost forty years ago.

Einstein on the Beach runs from September 14 to September 23. For more information, visit bam.org/einstein

Category: Dance, Music, Theater
Brooklyn Academy of Music
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