George Bellows: A Retrospective

In the December 6 issue, Sanford Schwartz writes, “The current Bellows retrospective, now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, perfectly captures what viewers, taking in the artist’s justly acclaimed early scenes of a gritty and dynamic New York in the years around 1910—and his more purely artful later explorations of many different genres—may feel: that there was a remarkable restlessness, drive, a desire to experiment in Bellows … In Bellows’s art one finds, especially in his early pictures, which are among the most beautiful made by an American, that his subject is elusive. It seems to be simply (or not so simply) an exuberance in being alive.”

The Met is open Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30 AM-5:30 PM, Friday and Saturday from 9:30 AM-9 PM, and Sunday from 9:30 AM-9 PM.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 5th Ave.,
New York, NY