Greil Marcus: Jay DeFeo and All That Jazz

The visual artist Jay DeFeo won acclaim as part of a vibrant community of avant-garde artists, poets, and musicians in the 1950s in San Francisco. Over the course of four decades, she produced an imaginative and diverse body of work in a wide range of media. Her most well-known painting, The Rose, took almost eight years to create and weighs 2,300 pounds.

In conjunction with Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective, author and critic Greil Marcus will discuss DeFeo’s stylistic inventions, physical processes, and improvisational approach to materials. As Marcus argues, DeFeo loved jazz, and “in the deepest, fiercest, and most playful moments of her work, Jay DeFeo’s work was jazz,” too.

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Whitney Museum of American Art
99 Gansevoort Street,
New York, NY