“Patrick Leigh Fermor in Greece” with Artemis Cooper and Ben Downing

Co-presented by The New York Review of Books and the Onassis Cultural Center NY.

Artemis Cooper, the biographer of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor and author of Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Adventure, and the travel writer and poet Ben Downing will discuss Leigh Fermor’s colorful life as a writer, solider, and adventurer. The conversation will focus on his long career in Greece, and topics will include his 1935 stay on Mount Athos; his explorations of the Rhodope Mountains, Thrace, and Athens; his experience during World War Two (particularly those in occupied Crete and involving the capture of General Kreipe); and his life in Hydra in the house Nicos Kiriacou Ghika.

Admission is free. Reservations begin October 22 and can be made by calling 212.486.8314 or at reservations@onassisusa.org. For more information, visit the Onassis Cultural Center’s website.

The New York Public Library
476 5th Ave,
New York, NY