Ravel Double Bill

Maurice Ravel wrote only two operas, entirely different but both perfect one-act miniatures, now on display in a new double bill at Glyndebourne. L’Heure espagnole is literally a bedroom farce (which is why, the director might have been reminded, it doesn’t need to be played for dirty laughs), l’Enfant et les sortilèges an enchanted and enchanting tale from Colette’s libretto about a naughty boy attacking inanimate objects which answer back. Kuzushi Ono conducting gets as close to Gallic delicacy as one can nowadays expect.

L’Heure espagnole and l’Enfant et les sortilèges play at Glyndebourne through August 25. For more information, visit Glyndebourne.com. On August 19, The Guardian will live-stream performances of both, each of which will be available on demand for a week thereafter. For more information, visit guardian.co.uk/Glyndebourne. Times displayed are Eastern Standard.

Photo: Simon Annand

Category: Music
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