Room 220 Live Prose Reading Series

Press Street calls itself a “literary and visual arts collective,” which is succinct but somewhat modest. It is in fact an umbrella organization that runs an art gallery, an arts education program, a series of readings and film screenings, an independent book publisher, and a blog dedicated to New Orleans literature and literary events. Now that the Times-Picayune and the weekly newspapers have cut all but the most perfunctory book coverage, Press Street’s blog, Room 220, is the only place to find serious (and also irreverent) discussion of literature in New Orleans.

Room 220’s fall reading series begins September 27 with readings by local novelist T. Geronimo Johnson, Egyptian novelist Khaled al-Berry, and German novelist Lucy Fricke. Later events feature authors of new books on secret societies and New Orleans homicide policework; Barbara Nitke, whose new monograph collects photography shot on pornography film sets in New York during the 1980s; and Catherine Wessinger, a professor of religious studies at Loyola University, who is one of the world’s foremost scholars on death cults. Wessinger’s presentation is part of a week of programs in December devoted to the end of the world, which is scheduled to occur later that month.

T. Geronimo Johnson, Khaled al-Berry, and Lucy Fricke will read at Melvin’s Bar at 7 PM on September 27th. For dates and locations of later readings and much more, visit

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