‘Shakespeare’s Sister’

Shakespeare’s Sister, directed and adapted by the talented Irina Brook (daughter of director Peter Brook and actress Natasha Parry) from the French filmmaker and writer Marguerite Duras’s short story collection La Vie matérielle and Virginia Woolf’s extended essay A Room of One’s Own has returned to the stage at La MaMa.

The show—unstructured but sharp, witty, and insightful—centers on five women cooking dinner (a soup) on stage. Winsome Brown is an outstanding Virginia Woolf, and Joan Juliet Buck (a novelist and the former editor-in-chief of French Vogue) plays a convincing Marguerite Duras. Also featured are Nicole Ansari, an alluring and forceful actress; the quietly inspired violinist Yibin Li; and the beautiful singer-songwriter Sadie Jemmett, all of whom cook, deliver monologues, dance, sing, and play music in an exhilarating rumination on what it takes to be a woman.

The seventy-five-minute show culminates in an exuberant and funny scene in which the characters free themselves of all inhibitions while one of the French singer Juliette Greco’s most famous songs, “Deshabillez moi!” (“Undress me”), plays. It brings the house down.

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La MaMa
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