Sontag: Reborn

In the July 11 issue, Elaine Blair writes, “Reborn is an affectionate portrait of Sontag, but it is one that plays her for laughs. Though this is a one-woman show, we in the audience are always watching two different Susans. A transparent scrim hangs in front of the stage, and black-and-white footage of Moe Angelos, who plays Sontag, dressed as an older, middle-aged Susan is projected onto the scrim. The spectral Susan, as I’ll call her, is shown only from the waist up. She smokes a cigarette, flips through her journals, and above all she reacts to and punctuates the action of the younger Susan who is played live by Angelos on the stage.”

Sontag: Reborn is playing at the New York Theatre Workshop through June 30. Tickets are available here.

Category: Theater
New York Theatre Workshop
79 East Fourth Street,
New York, NY