A Tribute to Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich first appeared at the 92Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center in 1958 and returned often over years. “I cannot give you a poetry of passions resolved, or of pure observation, or of self-enclosed self-exploration,” she said at a reading in 1991. “Poetry is one of our great human resources, and often a strangely wasted resource. At a time when extremely sophisticated tactics are employed to disinform and demoralize us as a people, I believe that poetry speaks not from a separate sphere but in a different voice.”

Join Ms. Rich’s family, friends and fellow poets for an evening of readings and remembrance. She had “one of the authentic, unpredictable, urgent, essential voices of our time,” wrote W. S. Merwin. “All her life she was in love with the hope of telling utter truth.”

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Category: Readings and Talks
1395 Lexington Avenue,
New York, NY