A Tribute to Stig Dagerman

Stig Dagerman was one of Sweden’s most prolific and acclaimed post-war writers. His body of work includes novels, plays, essays, short stories and journalism. His writing channels the sensibility of a young generation witness to the ravages of war: terror, genocide, and the first-time use of weapons of mass destruction. A literary phenomenon during his brief career, Dagerman died tragically young. Yet his writing continues to attract readers around the world and inspires new work in film and music. Now, for the first time, his writing has been published in the United States.

Novelist Siri Hustvedt, translator Steven Hartman, and PEN Translation Committee Chair Susan Bernofsky will read and discuss Stig Dagerman’s writings with moderator Ann Kjellberg, editor of Little Star. The author’s daughter, Lo Dagerman, will introduce a short documentary, Our Need for Consolation, featuring actor Stellan Skarsgård.

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