Verdi’s Giovanna d’Arco

In the NYRblog, Garry Wills writes, “There is no denying that Verdi’s Joan of Arc tugs against some of a modern audience’s values. When, for instance, Giovanna is accused of witchcraft, she is unable to deny it because she has fallen in love with the Dauphin she is striving to make King. Why does she feel that a love for an unmarried Christian man, one not even sexually satisfied, must paralyze her with guilt?”

As Joan, Suzan Hanson “has the high declamatory style of this stage in Verdi.” The Chicago Opera Theater’s production is “another case of Verdi’s music triumphing over a director’s most energetic pretzel-twistings. Verdi always rewards the ears, no matter what tricks are being played on the eyes.”

Tickets start at $35 and can be purchased online.

Category: Music
Harris Theater for Music and Dance
205 East Randolph Street,
Chicago, IL