‘White House Butler Down’

A simultaneous double projection of *White House Down (Roland Emmerich’s 2013 Capitol action movie) and The Butler (Lee Daniels’s 2013 drama about a presidential butler), presented by J. Hoberman:*

As a reviewer and a teacher, I tend to think in double bills. Two movies considered together invariably enrich each other, particularly if they are shown simultaneously. This is something I have done in various ways (superimposed, alternated, side by side) for various reasons (to save time, to force a dialogue between the movies, to just see what it looks like). I’m as much a member of the audience as anybody.

Although never random, such couplings (or triplings) are unpredictable and hence experimental. They don’t work equally well but they seldom fail to produce unanticipated coincidences and precipitate unforeseen correspondences. Inherently overstimulating, double projection usually enriches both films. In fact, the duller the material the better it works. Movies bleed into each other in unexpected ways. When things are really cooking, they actually merge—the headiest moments are when it is briefly impossible to know which movie is which.

Admission is free, though seating is limited; the box office opens at 6:30 PM. For more information, please visit Light Industry’s website.

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