Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock’

If the term “real time” had not yet been coined, we would need it for this film. Christian Marclay’s day- and night-long masterpiece, composed of thousands of clips spanning the history of cinema, forms a kaleidoscopic lens into the culture’s experience of time. As Zadie Smith wrote here, it’s “a trancelike experience, almost hallucinogenic”—“neither bad nor good, but sublime, maybe the greatest film you have ever seen.” Not to mention the greatest clock; you can set your watch by it, but you will not be looking at your watch.

Free, and open Tuesday-Thursday from 8 AM-10 PM, and continuously Friday 8 AM-Sunday 10 PM. For more information visit

Category: Exhibition and Film
David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center
61 West 62nd St.,
New York, NY