What Else, Indeed?

The Long Fuse: An Interpretation of the Origins of World War I by Laurence Lafore

The Great Departure: The United States and World War I, 1914-1920 by Daniel M. Smith

The Great War 1914-1918: A Pictorial History by John Terraine

In Russia’s Museums

The Hermitage Museum, Leningrad by Pierre Descargues

Great Paintings from the Pushkin Museum, Moscow by K.M. Malitskava

Medieval Georgian Enamels of Russia by Shalva Amiranahvili

The Art and Artists of Russia by Richard Hare

Bird Reading

A New Dictionary of Birds edited by A. Landsborough Thomson

The World of Birds by James Fisher and Roger Tory Peterson

The Birds of Arizona by Allan Phillips and Joe Marshall and Gale Monson, illustrated by George Miksch Sutton, with photographs in color by Eliot Porter

Birds of Prey of the World by Mary Louise Grossman and John Hamlet, with photographs by Shelly Grossman

The Bird Watcher’s America edited by Olin Sewall Pettingill Jr., illustrated by John Henry Dick