The Fire This Time

I Do So Politely”: A Voice From the South by Robert Canzoneri

Mississippi Black Paper: Statements and Notarized Affidavits

Three Lives For Mississippi by William Bradford Huie

Letters From Mississippi edited by Elizabeth Sutherland

Integration At Ole Miss by Russell H. Barrett

Mississippi: The Long Hot Summer by William McCord

Freedom Summer by Sally Belfrage

Split Decisions

William Howard Taft: Chief Justice by Alpheus Thomas Mason

A Supreme Court Justice Is Appointed by David J. Danelski

Of Law and Life and Other Things That Matter by Felix Frankfurter, edited by Philip B. Kurland

Felix Frankfurter: The Judge edited by Wallace Mendelson

Justice Rutledge and the Bright Constellation by Fowler V. Harper


A Royal Affinity by Constance Wright

First Gentleman of the Bed Chamber by Hubert Cole

A Royal Spy by Edna Nixon

The African Revolution

The African Nettle edited by Frank S. Meyer

a Political Travelogue
by Thomas Molnar

Africa: From Independence to Tomorrow by David Hapgood

Emergent Africa by Scipio