Earth Mother of the Demi-Monde

The Tender Shoot and Other Stories by Colette, translated by Antonia White

The Blue Lantern by Colette, translated by Roger Senhouse

Earthly Paradise: Colette’s Autobiography drawn from the writings of her lifetime by Robert Phelps

Mitsou and Music Hall Sidelights by Colette, translated by Raymond Postgate, translated by Anne-Marie Callimachi

The Other One by Colette, translated by Roger Senhouse, translated by Elizabeth Tait

The Delights of Growing Old by Maurice Goudeket

War Games

The Liddell Hart Memoirs: 1895-1938

Deterrence and Strategy by André Beaufre, translated by Major-General B.H. Barry

Experiments in Folly

The Doctor Is Sick by Anthony Burgess

The Secret Swinger by Alan Harrington

A Season in the Life of Emmanuel by Marie-Claire Blais, translated by Derek Coltman, Introduction by Edmund Wilson