Whose Germany?

The Unloved Germans by Hermann Eich

The Grand Design: A European Solution to German Reunification by Franz-Josef Strauss

Germany Between East and West: The Reunification Problem by Frederick H. Hartmann


The Old Adam by D.J. Enright

Thousand-Year-Old Fiancee & Other Poems by Robert Sward

Selected Poems by Louis Simpson

Collected Poems of Rolfe Humphries by Rolfe Humphries

Selected Poems by Richard Eberhart

Love Poems (Tentative Title) by Frank O'Hara

The Wooden Horse by Daryl Hine

Knock Upon Silence by Carolyn Kizer

Dutch Treat

The Dutch Seaborne Empire 1600-1800 by C.R. Boxer, in the series The History of Human Society edited by J.H. Plumb