Fabulous Monster

An Explanation of De Gaulle by Robert Aron

De Gaulle by François Mauriac, translated by Richard Howard

The French by Jean-François Revel, translated by Paula Spurlin

De Gaulle Implacable Ally edited by Roy C. Macridis, Foreward by Maurice Duverger

Water, Prey, and Game Birds

Handbook of Waterfowl Behavior by Paul A. Johnsgard

Water, Prey, and Game Birds of North America by Alexander Wetmore. and others

The Giant Canada Goose by Harold C. Hanson

Birds of Prey by Philip Brown

Absolute Beginners

The Politics of Modernization by David E. Apter

The Stages of Political Development by A.F.K. Organski

The Third World by Peter Worsley

The Economics of Developing Countries by Hla Myint