Nil: Episodes in the Literary Conquest of Void during the Nineteenth Century by Robert Martin Adams

A World Elsewhere: The Place of Style in American Literature by Richard Poirier

In the Human Grain: Technological Culture and Its Effect on Man, Literature and Religion by Walter J. Ong and S.J.

Light Mischief

Overcharge: How Electric Utilities Exploit and Mislead the Public, and What You Can Do About It by US Senator Lee Metcalf and Vic Reinemer

Culture Cults

The Paths of Culture: A General Ethnology by Kaj Birket-Smith

Stranger and Friend: The Way of an Anthropologist by Hortense Powdermaker

Absolute Beginners

Ambiguous Africa: Cultures in Collision by Georges Balandier

False Start in Africa by René Dumont

Africa’s Search for Identity by Victor C. Ferkiss