Guide to Imperialism

The Lords of Human Kind. Black Man, Yellow Man and White Man in an Age of Empire by V.G. Kiernan

Europe in the Age of Imperialism, 1880-1914 by Heinz Gollwitzer

Critics of Empire by Bernard Porter

Britain and the Russian Civil War by Richard H. Ullman

The Fall of the British Empire, 1918-1968 by Colin Cross

Britain in the Century of Total War by Arthur Marwick


Tijerina and the Courthouse Raid by Peter Nabokov

La Raza: The Mexican-Americans (to be published in January) by Stan Steiner

Uprooted Children The Early Life of Migrant Farm Workers (to be published in February) by Robert Coles

The Emperor Industry

Napoleon, I. From 18 Brumaire to Tilsit 1799-1807 by Georges Lefebvre, translated by Henry F. Stockhold

Napoleon, II. From Tilsit to Waterloo 1807-1815 by Georges Lefebvre, translated by J.E. Anderson

Napoleon in Russia The 1812 Campaign by Alan Palmer

Napoleon Recaptures Paris by Claude Manceron, translated by George Unwin

Napoleon after Waterloo by Michael John Thornton

Napoleon’s St. Helena by Gilbert Martineau, translated by Frances Partridge

Black is Beautiful

African Art, Its Background and Traditions by René S. Wassing

African Art by Michel Leiris and Jacqueline Delange, translated by Michael Ross

The Beholder’s Eye

Prints and Visual Communication by William Ivins Jr.

Prints and Books: Informal Papers by William Ivins Jr.

Notes on Prints by William Ivins Jr.

How Prints Look, Photographs with a Commentary by William Ivins Jr.