Poverty Program

Charles Booth’s London selected and edited by Albert Fried and Richard M. Elman

Charles Booth and the City edited with an Introduction by Harold W. Pfautz

Who Cares for Columbia?

Crisis at Columbia: Report of the Fact-Finding Commission Appointed to Investigate the Disturbances at Columbia University in April and May, 1968

Up Against the Ivy Wall by Jerry L. Avorn. Other Members of the Staff of the Columbia Daily Spectator

The Closed Corporation: American Universities in Crisis by James Ridgeway

A New Twist in the Dialectic

Pour Marx by Louis Althusser

Lire Le Capital Tome I by Louis Althusser and Jacques Rancière and Pierre Macherey

Lire Le Capital Tome II by Louis Althusser and Etienne Balibar and Roger Establet

Pouvoir Politique et Classes Sociales de l’Etat Capitaliste by Nicos Poulantzas

Stratégie et Révolution en France en 1968 by André Glucksmann

Peut-on être communiste aujourd’hui? by Roger Garaudy