Iron Comedian

The Mandarin and Other Stories by Eca de Queiroz, translated by Richard Franko Goldman

The City and the Mountains by Eça de Queiroz, translated by Roy Campbell

The Illustrious House of Ramires by Eça de Queiroz, translated by Ann Stevens

Sticking to the Union

UE Guide to Automation and the New Technology United Electrical Workers

Union Man: The Life of A Labor Statesman by David J. McDonald

Turbulent Years: A History of the American Worker 1933-1941 by Irving Bernstein

American Labor: The Twentieth Century edited by Jerold S. Auerbach

Bread and Roses Too: Studies of the Wobblies by Joseph Robert Conlin

American Labor and United States Foreign Policy by Ronald Radosh

Scarred Monuments

The Younger Pitt: The Years of Acclaim by John Ehrman

The Year of Liberty: The Great Irish Rebellion of 1798 by Thomas Pakenham