A Somber Theater

The Love-Girl and the Innocent by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, translated by Nicholas Bethell, translated by David Burg

Five Plays of Alexander Ostrovsky translated and edited by Eugene K. Bristow

The Trilogy of Alexander Sukhovo-Kobylin translated by Harold B. Segel

The Complete Plays of Vladimir Mayakovsky translated by Guy Daniels

The Blind Beauty by Boris Pasternak, translated by Manya Harari, translated by Max Hayward

Meyerhold on Theatre translated and edited by Edward Braun

Notes of a Director by Alexander Tairov, translated by William Kuhlke


Rosshalde by Hermann Hesse, translated by Ralph Manheim

Children Are Civilians Too by Heinrich Böll, translated by Leila Vennewitz

Bodies and Shadows by Peter Weiss, translated by E.B. Garside, translated by Rosemarie Waldrop

Below the Boot

A History of Sicily: Ancient Sicily to the Arab Conquest by M.I. Finley

Medieval Sicily: 800-1713 and Medieval Sicily: After 1713 by Denis Mack Smith