Homage to Catatonia

The Divided Self by R.D. Laing

Self and Others by R.D. Laing

Sanity, Madness and the Family Volume I: Families of Schizophrenics by R.D. Laing and A. Esterson

Reason and Violence (to be published in April) by R.D. Laing and David G. Cooper, Foreword by Jean-Paul Sartre

Interpersonal Perception: A Theory and a Method of Research by R.D. Laing and H. Phillipson and A.R. Lee

The Politics of Experience by R.D. Laing

Knots by R.D. Laing

The Bolivian Guerrilla

The Diary of Che Guevara edited by Robert Scheer

Bolivia a la hora del Che by Rubén Vázquez Díaz

The Great Rebel: Che Guevara in Bolivia by Luis J. González and Gustavo A. Sánchez Salazar, translated by Helen R. Lane

The Complete Bolivian Diaries of Ché Guevara and Other Captured Documents edited by Daniel James

Nãcahuasu, La Guerrilla del Che en Bolivia by José Luis Alcázar

Bolivia bajo el Che by Philippe Labreveux

The Death of a Revolutionary: Che Guevara’s Last Mission by Richard Harris

The Independent Habit

Tito by Phyllis Auty

The Battle Stalin Lost: Memoirs of Yugoslavia 1948-1953 by Vladimir Dedijer

Contemporary Yugoslavia: Twenty Years of Socialist Experiment edited by Wayne S. Vucinich


Lombardi: Winning Is the Only Thing edited by Jerry Kramer

Saturday’s America by Dan Jenkins

Confessions of a Dirty Ballplayer by Johnny Sample and Fred Hamilton and Sonny Schwartz

Ball Four by Jim Bouton

Out of Their League by Dave Meggyesy

Player of the Year by Roman Gabriel and Bob Oates

The City Game by Pete Axthelm

Wild Bunch

Naïve Questions about War and Peace by William Whitworth

The Tuesday Cabinet by Henry F. Graff

Alliance Politics by Richard E. Neustadt

Alternative to Armageddon by Col. Wesley W. Yale and Gen. I.D. White and Gen. Hasso E. von Manteuffel

Militarism, U.S.A. by Col. James A. Donovan, written in cooperation with Gen. David Shoup

Under the Sign of Blok

The Twelve and Other Poems by Alexander Blok, translated by Jon Stallworthy, translated by Peter France

Selected Poems by Anna Akhmatova, translated by Richard McKane, with an Essay by Andrei Sinyavsky

Fever and Other New Poems by Bella Akhmadulina, translated by Geoffrey Dutton, translated by Igor Mezhakoff-Koriakin, with an Introduction by Yevgeny Yevtushenko