Pushkin by Henri Troyat, translated by Nancy Amphoux

Pushkin on Literature translated and edited by Tatiana Wolff

Pushkin: A Comparative Commentary by John Bayley

A State of Catastrophe

Political Change in California: Critical Elections and Social Movements, 1890-1966 by Michael Paul Rogin and John L. Shover

Reagan and Reality: The Two Californias by Edmund G. (Pat) Brown

Ronnie and Jesse: A Political Odyssey by Lou Cannon

The Destruction of California by Raymond F. Dasmann

Anti-California: Report from Our First Parafascist State by Kenneth Lamott

The Secret Boss of California by Arthur H. Samish and Bob Thomas

Backward History in a Backward Country

The Rise of the Romanovs by Vasili Kliuchevsky, translated by Liliana Archibald

Russia in World History, Selected Essays by M.N. Pokrovsky, translated by Roman Szporluk, translated by Mary Ann Szporluk

Russia in the Era of Peter the Great by L. Jay Oliva

The Tsars: From Ivan the Terrible to Nicholas II, 1533-1917 by Ronald Hingley

The Tragic Dynasty: A History of the Romanovs by John Bergamini

The Romanovs: Three Centuries of an Ill-Fated Dynasty by E.M. Almedingen

Years of the Golden Cockerel: The Last Romanov Tsars, 1814-1917 by Sidney Harcave

The Cossacks by Philip Longworth

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K. Massie