The Art and Arts of E. Howard Hunt

Give Us This Day by Howard Hunt

The Berlin Ending by E. Howard Hunt

East of Farewell by Howard Hunt

Limit of Darkness by Howard Hunt

Stranger in Town by Howard Hunt

Maelstrom by Howard Hunt

Bimini Run by Howard Hunt

A Foreign Affair by John Baxter

I Came to Kill by Gordon Davis

Be My Victim by Robert Dietrich

End of a Stripper by Robert Dietrich

Angel Eyes by Robert Dietrich

A Gift for Gomala by John Baxter

Where Murder Waits by Gordon Davis

The Coven by David St. John

Compulsive Spy: The Strange Career of E. Howard Hunt by Tad Szulc

An Assassin’s Diary by Arthur H. Bremer

Where the Wolf Howls

Heartbreak Tango by Manuel Puig, translated by Suzanne Jill Levine

Other Men’s Daughters by Richard Stern

Ninety-Two in the Shade by Thomas McGuane

The Obscene Bird of Night by José Donoso, translated by Hardie St. Martin, translated by Leonard Mades

Yeats and the Spirits

Yeats, the Tarot and the Golden Dawn by Kathleen Raine

W.B. Yeats: Memoirs, Autobiography (First Draft) and Journal edited by Denis Donoghue