Playing with ‘The Magic Flute’

The Magic Flute a film directed by Ingmar Bergman. with the Swedish Stage Broadcasting Network Symphony, conducted by Eric Ericson. Sung and spoken in Swedish, with English subtitles

A Preface To “The Magic Flute” by E.M. Batley

The Magic Flute,” Masonic Opera by Jacques Chailley, translated by Herbert Weinstock

Three Mozart Operas by R.B. Moberly

Aeschylus Pinioned and Grabbed

Aeschylus: Suppliants translated by Janet Lembke

Aeschylus: Seven Against Thebes translated by Helen Bacon, translated by Anthony Hecht

Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound translated by James Scully, translated by C. John Herington

School’s Out

Half the House by Herbert Kohl

Being with Children by Phillip Lopate

The Myth of the Hyperactive Child and other Means of Child Control by Peter Schrag and Diane Divoky