Good for the Populists

In the Name of the People: Prophets and Conspirators in Prerevolutionary Russia by Adam B. Ulam

Diary of a Russian Censor by Aleksandr Nikitenko, abridged, edited, and translated by Helen Satz Jacobson

Play It Again, Franz

Nonsense and Happiness by Peter Handke, translated by Michael Roloff

A Moment of True Feeling by Peter Handke, translated by Ralph Manheim

Three by Peter Handke by Peter Handke

In Defense of Empire

Empire Without End by Lidia Storoni Mazzolani, translated by Joan McConnell and Mario Pei, foreword by Mario Pei

The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire From the First Century A.D. to the Third by Edward N. Luttwak, foreword by J.F. Gilliam