The Wizard of the ‘Wizard’

To Please a Child by Frank Joslyn Baum and Russell P. MacFall

The Wizard of Oz and Who He Was edited with two introductory essays by Martin Gardner and Russell B. Nye

The Oz Scrapbook by David L. Greene and Dick Martin

Wonderful Wizard Marvelous Land by Raylyn Moore, with an introduction by Ray Bradbury

The Chinese Dream Machine

China and the Search for Happiness: Recurring Themes in Four Thousand Years of Chinese Cultural History by Wolfgang Bauer, translated by Michael Shaw

Chinese Socialism to 1907 by Martin Bernal

Chinese Shadows by Simon Leys

The Holes in Black Holes

The Collapsing Universe: The Story of Black Holes by Isaac Asimov

Space, Time, and Gravity: The Theory of the Big Bang and Black Holes by Robert M. Wald

The Key to the Universe: A Report on the New Physics by Nigel Calder

Space and Time in the Modern Universe by P.C.W. Davies

Ten Faces of the Universe by Fred Hoyle

The Iron Sun: Crossing the Universe Through Black Holes by Adrian Berry

White Holes: Cosmic Gushers in the Universe by John Gribbin

Porn, Propaganda, and the Enlightenment

The Widening Circle: Essays on the Circulation of Literature in Eighteenth-Century Europe by Robert Darnton and Bernhard Fabian and Roy McKeen Wiles, edited by Paul J. Korshin

Priest and Parish in Eighteenth-Century France: A Social and Political Study of the Curés in the Diocese of Dauphiné, 1750-1791 by Timothy Tackett

Lafayette: A Biography by Peter Buckman