Saul Steinberg text by Harold Rosenberg

Saul Steinberg April 14 - July 9, 1978 an exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City

Hardy Hardy

Thomas Hardy After Fifty Years edited by Lance St John Butler

Thomas Hardy’s Later Years by Robert Gittings

Young Thomas Hardy by Robert Gittings

An Essay on Hardy by John Bayley

The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy: Volume I, 1840-1892 edited by Richard Little Purdy, edited by Michael Millgate

Thomas Hardy and the British Tradition by Donald Davie

The Complete Poems of Thomas Hardy edited by James Gibson

The Charms of Catastrophe

Structural Stability and Morphogenesis: An Outline of a General Theory of Models by René Thom, translated by D.H. Fowler, with a foreword by C.H. Waddington

Catastrophe Theory: Selected Papers 1972-1977 by E.C. Zeeman

Catastrophe Theory by Alexander Woodcock and Monte Davis

Catastrophe Theory and Its Applications by Tim Poston and Ian Stewart