A Family Romance

Alice James: A Biography by Jean Strouse

The Death and Letters of Alice James selected correspondence edited, with a biographical essay and Ruth Bernard Yeazell

Henry James, Letters Volume III: 1883-1895 edited by Leon Edel

The Boss

Tito: The Story from Inside by Milovan Djilas, translated by Vasilije Kojić and Richard Hayes

Master of Letters

The Letters of Edward FitzGerald, Vol. I, 1830-1850 edited by Alfred McKinley Terhune, edited by Annabelle Burdick Terhune

The Macedonian Connection

The Search For Alexander November 16, 1980 to April 5, 1981 an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC,

The Search For Alexander: An Exhibition with essays by Nikolaos Yalouris and Manolis Andronikos and Katerina Rhomiopoulou

The Search for Alexander by Robin Lane Fox

Short Reviews

Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War by William Manchester

The Wolf: A Species in Danger by Erik Zimen, translated by Eric Mosbacher