Water and Power: The Conflict Over Los Angeles’ Water Supply in the Owens Valley by William L. Kahrl

The California Water Atlas California) edited by William L. Kahrl

Ultra Ultra Secrets

British Intelligence in the Second World War: Its Influence on Strategy and Operations by F.H. Hinsley and E.E. Thomas and C.F.G. Ransom and R.C. Knight

Sacred Space

The New Oxford Book of Christian Verse chosen and edited by Donald Davie

The Poems of William Cowper edited by John D. Baird, edited by Charles Ryskamp

The Letters and Prose Writings of William Cowper edited by James King, edited by Charles Ryskamp

Body, Mind, and Machine

Mind in Science: A History of Explanations in Psychology and Physics by Richard L. Gregory

The Question of Animal Awareness: Evolutionary Continuity of Mental Experience by Donald R. Griffin

The Universe Within: A New Science Explores the Human Mind by Morton Hunt

The Enlightened Machine: An Analytical Introduction to Neuropsychology by Daniel N. Robinson