The Bishops and the Bomb

The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Response, The Pastoral Letter of the US Bishops on War and Peace. National Catholic News Service

Report of the President’s Commission on Strategic Forces (The Scowcroft Commission).

The Wise and Gentle Lamb

Young Charles Lamb 1775-1802 by Winifred F. Courtney

A Portrait of Charles Lamb by David Cecil

Companion to Charles Lamb: A Guide to People and Places 1750-1847 by Claude A. Prance

Darwin’s Revolution

Darwin for Beginners by Jonathan Miller and Borin Van Loon

Evolution Now: A Century After Darwin edited by John Maynard Smith

Evolution Without Evidence: Charles Darwin and “The Origin of Species” by Barry G. Gale

The Monkey Puzzle: Reshaping the Evolutionary Tree by John Gribbin and Jeremy Cherfas

The Myths of Human Evolution by Niles Eldredge and Ian Tattersall

Science on Trial: The Case for Evolution by Douglas J. Futuyma

Abusing Science: The Case Against Creationism by Philip Kitcher, with Patricia Kitcher

Darwinism Defended: A Guide to the Evolution Controversies by Michael Ruse, foreword by Ernst Mayr

On the Eve

In War’s Dark Shadow: The Russians Before the Great War by W. Bruce Lincoln

The Romanov Family Album introduction by Robert K. Massie, picture research by Marilyn Pfeifer Swezey, assembled by Anna Vyrubova

The Right Stuff

From the First Nine: Poems 1946-1976 by James Merrill

The Changing Light at Sandover “Mirabell’s Books of Number,” “Scripts for the Pageant,” and a new coda, “The Higher Keys” including the whole of the trilogy: "The Book of Ephraim," and James Merrill