The Bloom Is Off

Vita: The Life of V. Sackville-West by Victoria Glendinning

Harold Nicolson: A Biography Vol. I, 1886–1929 Vol. II, 1930–1968 by James Lees-Milne

The New Eighteenth Century

In Defiance of Oligarchy: The Tory Party 1714–60 by Linda Colley

The Birth of a Consumer Society: The Commercialization of Eighteenth-Century England by Neil McKendrick and John Brewer and J.H. Plumb

Industrialization before Industrialization: Rural Industry in the Genesis of Capitalism by Peter Kriedte and Hans Medick and Jürgen Schlumbohm

Augustan England: Professions, State and Society, 1680–1730 by Geoffrey Holmes

Bath 1680–1850: A Social History, or, a Valley of Pleasure, yet a Sink of Iniquity by R. S. Neale

The Impact of English Towns, 1700–1800 by Penelope J. Corfield

The Georgian Triumph, 1700–1830 by Michael Reed

The Experience of Labour in Eighteenth-Century English Industry by John Rule

Marriage Settlements, 1601–1740: The Adoption of the Strict Settlement by Lloyd Bonfield

Electoral Behavior in Unreformed England: Plumpers, Splitters, and Straights by John A. Phillips

Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century Britain edited by Paul-Gabriel Boucé

Hogarth’s Marriage À-la-mode by Robert L.S. Cowley

Strict Settlement: A Guide for Historians by Barbara English and John Saville

English Society in the Eighteenth Century by Roy Porter