The Stockman Episode

The Triumph of Politics by David Stockman

The Real David Stockman by John Greenya and Anne Urban, introduction by Ralph Nader

Stockman: The Man, The Myth, The Future by Owen Ullmann

The Faithless Shepherd

The Mirror Makers: A History of American Advertising and Its Creators by Stephen Fox

Advertising the American Dream: Making Way for Modernity, 1920–1940 by Roland Marchand

Advertising, The Uneasy Persuasion: Its Dubious Impact on American Society by Michael Schudson

Social Communication in Advertising: Persons, Products, and Images of Well-Being by William Leiss and Stephen Kline and Sut Jhally

The Language of Advertising by Torben Vestergaard and Kim Schroder

Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy

The Trouble with Advertising by John O'Toole

Adventures of an Advertising Woman by Jane Maas

Just Ducky

Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book by Michael Barrier

The Carl Barks Library edited by Bruce Hamilton, edited by Thomas Andrae, edited by Geoffrey Blum

Miraculous Mosaics

The Mosaics of San Marco in Venice Vol. I, The Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries Vol. II, The Thirteenth Century plates (plates in two volumes) by Otto Demus, with contributions from Rudolf M. Kloos and Kurt Weitzmann

Good News

The News from Ireland and Other Stories by William Trevor

Monkeys by Susan Minot

Transactions in a Foreign Currency by Deborah Eisenberg