French Cuffs

Fragile Glory: A Portrait of France and the French by Richard Bernstein

Beyond the Tunnel of History by Jacques Darras, with Daniel Snowman

La France en Politique 1990’

La Vengeance des Nations by Alain Minc

The Birth of Childhood

Childhood in the Middle Ages by Shulamith Shahar

Small Worlds: The Village Community in Early Medieval Brittany by Wendy Davies

Life in a Medieval Village by Frances Gies and Joseph Gies

Poland After Solidarity

The Roots of Solidarity: A Political Sociology of Poland’s Working-Class Democratization by Roman Laba

Breaking the Barrier: The Rise of Solidarity in Poland by Lawrence Goodwyn

Rok 1989: Bronislaw Geremek Opowiada, Jacek Zakowski Pyta (The Year 1989: Bronislaw Geremek Relates, Jacek Zakowski Asks)

Droga Do Wolnosci: 1985–1990, Decydujace Lata (The Path to Freedom: 1985–1990, the Decisive Years) by Lech Walesa

Wódz (The Chief) by Jaroslaw Kurski