The Powers of Dr. Johnson

Samuel Johnson: A Biography by Peter Martin

Samuel Johnson: Selected Writings edited by Peter Martin

Samuel Johnson: The Struggle by Jeffrey Meyers

Samuel Johnson: A Life by David Nokes

Pixar Genius

WALL·E a film by Pixar Animation Studios

The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company by David A. Price

To Infinity and Beyond! The Story of Pixar Animation Studios by Karen Paik, based on research and interviews by Leslie Iwerks, with a foreword by John Lasseter, Steve Jobs, and Ed Catmull

The Art of Pixar Short Films by Amid Amidi, with a foreword by John Lasseter

Why Art?

Art Without Borders: A Philosophical Exploration of Art and Humanity by Ben-Ami Scharfstein

The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution by Denis Dutton

The Anarchy of Success

The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow

Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang

The Afghanistan Impasse

To Live or to Perish Forever: Two Tumultuous Years in Pakistan by Nicholas Schmidle

Seeds of Terror: How Heroin Is Bankrolling the Taliban and al Qaeda by Gretchen Peters


Margaret Atwood is the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, Oryx and Crake, and The Blind Assassin, among other novels. Her new novel, MaddAddam, was published in September. (November 2013)

Julian Bell is a painter and writer living in Lewes, England. His Van Gogh: A Power Seething will be published early next year.
 (June 2014)

Madison Smartt Bell is Professor of English and Director of the Kratz Center for Creative Writing at Goucher College. His new book, DevilA?s Dream: A Novel About Nathan Bedford Forrest, is forthcoming in November. (October 2009)

Christopher Benfey is Mellon Professor of English at Mount Holyoke. He is the author, most recently, of Red Brick, Black Mountain, White Clay.
(June 2014)

Christian Caryl is a Senior Fellow at the Legatum Institute and the editor of Foreign Policy’s Democracy Lab website. His latest book is Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century.

David Cole is the Honorable George J. Mitchell Professor in Law and Public Policy at Georgetown University Law Center. He is the author of several books, including The Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unthinkable (2009), Less Safe, Less Free: Why America Is Losing the War on Terror (with Jules Lobel, 2007) and Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism (2003).

William Easterly is Professor of Economics at New York University, Co-Director of NYU’s Development Research Institute, and Co-Editor of the Journal of Development Economics. His latest book is The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good. (November 2010)

Joshua Hammer is a former Newsweek bureau chief and correspondent-at-large in Africa and the Middle East. His new book, Taking Timbuktu, will be published next year. His report in this issue was supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.
 (May 2014)

Andrew O’Hagan’s latest book, The Atlantic Ocean: Reports from Britain and America, was published in the United States in January.
 (May 2013)

Joyce Carol Oates is currently Visiting Professor in the Graduate Writing Program at NYU. Her most recent novel is Carthage.

Ahmed Rashid is the author of Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and several books on Afghanistan and Central Asia. (June 2014)

Malise Ruthven is the author of Islam: A Very Short Introduction, Islam in the World: The Divine Supermarket (a study of Christian fundamentalism), A Fury for God: The Islamist Attack on America, A Satanic Affair: Salman Rushdie and the Wrath of Islam, and several other books. His latest book is Encounters with Islam: On Religion, Politics and Modernity.

Frederick Seidel’s most recent book of poems is Nice Weather. (June 2014)

Jeremy Waldron is University Professor at the NYU School of Law and Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at All Souls College, Oxford. His most recent book is The Harm in Hate Speech.
 (March 2014)

Garry Wills is Professor of History Emeritus at Northwestern. His new book, Making Make-Believe Real: Politics as Theater in Shakespeare’s Time, will be published in the summer 2014.