To the Editors:

Clearing House on translation is intended as a service to translators and publishers and as a practical first step in maintaining a log of translations projected or in progress, with the added purpose, hopefully, of causing less suffering among translators by unnecessary duplication of effort.

We would like to hear from any of your readers, writers, translators, or publishers, of any translations in progress in the field of humanities, including literature, the arts, philosophy, history, etc. including

a) title and author

b) rights

c) publishing plans and

d) expected completion

We will publish this information in a separate section of our magazine, Delos, a Journal of and on Translation, whose first issue appears in March, listing only author, book, and translator and will forward inquiries about these listings as received.

Keith Botsford


National Translation Center

2621 Speedway

Austin, Texas 78705

This Issue

March 28, 1968