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Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Adulterer from the February 29, 1968 issue

To the Editors:

Mr. Hodgart’s discerning review of Giacomo Joyce commented, as some other reviewers have done, on Richard Ellmann’s failure to mention the name of Amalia Popper Risolo in his introduction. No mystification was intended, and the Viking Press must take full responsibility. When the book went to press, we believed that Mrs. Risolo was still alive in Italy, and advised Ellmann that the inclusion of her name in connection with the complete story might be hurtful to her and might expose him and us to that new legal concept, “invasion of privacy,” even though he had named her when he quoted fragments in his 1959 biography. We only learned later that she had died a few months earlier. The omission will be remedied, with further details about her friendship with Joyce, in any subsequent printing of the text with Ellmann’s introduction.

Marshall A. Best

Chairman, Executive Committee

The Viking Press

New York City

This Issue

June 20, 1968