To the Editors:

The following letter, signed by Donald Duncan and Roger Priest, may be of interest to your readers. Many men in uniform are disenchanted by the Vietnam policy of this nation. They, like all citizens, wish to enjoy the right to state their views in a public fashion. They wish to participate in the activities planned for November 15 in Washington and San Francisco. The simple fact remains that many servicemen do not have the funds to travel from military installations to one of the two cities.

We seek your help and that of your readers in meeting this need. Perhaps many who are unable to be part of these activities in person, will be glad to have an opportunity to send a serviceman in their place….

Sidney Lens
Douglas Dowd
Cora Weiss
Dave Dellinger
Stewart Meachum
Sidney Peck
New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam

This Issue

November 6, 1969