To the Editors:

Many of the readers of the New York Review will probably be interested in the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars. The Bulletin is a scholarly/political quarterly published by a one-thousand member committee of Asia specialists who believe that it is essential that professional knowledge be combined with ethical and political concerns.

The Bulletin provides scholarly/political analysis of a kind that is too rarely authored. In the next issue of the Bulletin, for example, Donald Munro studies the Maoist educational strategy; Franz Schurmann examines the American Empire’s future in Eastern Asia; Thomas Engelhardt explores America’s early China policy; Robert Bellah and Michael Leiserson separately analyze the Japan/U.S./Vietnam triangle; novelist Oda Makoto, chairman of Japan’s omnibus peace movement (Beheiren), discusses the U.S.-Japanese Security Pact; Orville Schell examines the McCarthyite persecution of State Department advisors who had been stationed in China during the 40’s; and more.

Inquiries and subscriptions should be directed to: Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, Rm. 304, 1737 Cambridge St, Cambridge, Mass. 02138. Subscriptions are $4.00 per year. The introductory student rate is $2.00. Imprisonned subscribers receive the Bulletin free-of-charge.

Jonathan Unger

Berkeley, Calif.

This Issue

January 1, 1970