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Up Against It from the October 9, 1969 issue

To the Editors:

I am sure that many of your readers followed with interest the articles by Herbert Kohl on children’s writing published by the New York Review (“Teaching the ‘Unteachable’ “). For those readers whose interest was aroused (and for those who suspected that the astounding quality of the children’s work was just a fluke), we would like to call their attention to this year’s first issue of Teachers and Writers Collaborative Newsletter.

Teachers and Writers Collaborative, which was founded by Mr. Kohl in 1967, places professional writers in classrooms to work with students and teachers to encourage the kind of writing that is tragically rare in our schools—work in the students’ own language that draws on the remarkable richness of their imaginations and experience. The Newsletter contains selections from the students’ writing, along with excerpts from the detailed diaries kept by each of the writers.

Subscriptions are $3.00 for four issues.

Marvin Hoffman


Teachers & Writers Collaborative

Pratt Center for Community


244 Vanderbilt Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11205

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February 12, 1970