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Berlioz, Boulez, and Piaf from the January 29, 1970 issue

To the Editors:

No doubt Piaf had prodigious abilities, but Marcel Cerdan was a middleweight and not, as Virgil Thomson reports [NYR, January 29], “heavyweight champion.”

Lester Adelsberg

New Orleans, La.

Virgil Thomson replies:

J.R. Pole:

My article was not a review of a book but an evocation of a man and his music as recalled through a series of centenary homages. At that, I did name the translator, and in my lead sentence. As a further compliment for possible use in advertising I here attest that this is the first time I have ever been able to read through those memoirs.

For still further praise of one whose qualifications have never been in dispute, Mr. Pole’s letter should suffice.

Lester Adelsberg:

O.K. by me.

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March 12, 1970